Quantcast Instruction to Complete A-E Invoice

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Payments will be made on monthly interval from the "Prime" contractor when a
significant amount of work has been accomplished.  Payments will be made on
the basis of the overall percentage of completion.
Please submit all invoice requests on the NAVFAC 7300/41 (7/85) (four part
form) "Contractor's Invoice" and PH-PACDIV 4-4280/8 (rev. 3-88) (four part
form) "Contract Performance Statement".
The top portion of invoice form is completed by the Contractor.  The invoice
must be dated and signed (original) by an authorized official of the company.
The invoice number may be filled in for the Contractor's internal use.  Post
dated invoices will not be processed and will be returned to the Contractor.
Invoice to be completed as follows:
Line From:
Firm's name
Line 1:
Contract number and title of contract
Line 1A:  "Total value of contract through change" insert modification
or delivery order number.  Dollar amount is the "total value of
contract" through that modification or delivery order.  Contract
modifications or deliver orders executed by the Contracting Officer can
be included in the payment request.
Line 1B:  Percentage of the total contract amount completed to date
(Line 1C divided by Line 1A).
Line 1C:  Total amount of work completed on the contract (should be the
same as Column 5 of the Contract Performance Statement).
Line 1D:  Total amount paid to date (should be the same as Column 6 of
the Contract Performance Statement).
Line 1E:  Amount requested for payment (rounded to whole dollars).
(Line 1C minus Line 1D).
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