Quantcast Underflood Detectors

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Custom Search  Placement:  Do not locate smoke detectors where they may be
subject to false alarms (closets, storage rooms, janitor's closets, laundry
rooms, toilets, kitchens, electrical and mechanical rooms, unfinished
ceiling spaces or open air lobbies or open air vestibules).  Ventilation:  In rooms where forced ventilation is present,
locate smoke detectors no closer than three feet from all supply air
diffusers.  Locate detectors to favor the air flow toward return openings
while still complying with Item 1.4.2 above.  Lounge Smoke Detectors:  In lounge areas of BOQs and BEQs,
the design shall include the installation of a single station 120 VAC smoke
detector, plus a 135oF rated heat detector connected to the building fire
alarm system.  Duct Smoke Detectors:  Show duct smoke detectors on fire
alarm riser diagrams.  Specifications for duct detectors shall be in the
fire alarm section and not in the mechanical sections.  Shutdown of air
handling units (AHU) upon alarm of duct smoke detectors shall be
accomplished by the FACP.  Provide supervised disconnect switches for each
AHU shutdown circuit.  Duct detection shall be in accordance with NFPA 90A
(1993 edition).  On contract drawings, provide typical details for location
of duct detectors in air handling equipment.  Sleeping rooms shall include the installation of single
station, 120 VAC smoke detectors with 9 VDC integral battery backup.  This
applies to family housing units, BEQs, BOQs, etc.
UNDERFLOOR DETECTORS:  Mounting Details:  Where under floor detectors are to be
installed, provide a typical mounting detail on the contract drawings
showing proper mounting location at the top of the underfloor space.  Annunciation:  Provide graphic annunciators for underfloor
detectors.  The annunciator shall depict a floor plan indicating device and
zone locations.  Zones shall also be indicated by word description.  This
does not apply to single-zone systems.  All graphic annunciators shall be
provided with a lamp test feature.
1.5.1  Placement:  Locate the FACP just inside a main building
entrance in a visible accessible location.  Where annunciation is needed,
this shall be located in the FACP.  The intent of this is to allow fire
departments to rapidly pinpoint activated alarm location.  Remote
annunciation may also be provided at designer's discretion.  Consider
recess mounting and interior color coordination for aesthetic purposes.
1.5.2  Power Supply:  The FACP power shall be taken from the line side
of the main building cutoff unless power is also supplied by an emergency
generator or an UPS power source.


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