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when any one hold open device is released in accordance with NFPA 101 (1993
edition).  BOQs and BEQs two to five stories in height without elevators
shall be provided with 120 VAC door hold open devices on all interior
stairwell doors.  When 120 VAC devices are used, the 120 VAC power wires
shall be installed in separate conduit from the 24 VDC conduit.
1.9  AUDIBLE ALARM DEVICES:  Audible alarm devices shall be horns or
piezo electric devices or electronic sound generators.  Use approximately
3,000 square per audible alarm device in open areas.  Visual alarm
indicators shall be high intensity strobe type (100 candelas).  Provide
audiovisual alarms for all occupancies.
1.10  SUBMITTALS:  Contractor's submittal requirements in
specifications shall include a layout plan of all fire alarm devices and
conduit runs in addition to scaled shop drawings required by NAVFAC Guide
Specification 16722. Contractor shop drawings shall be prepared by or under
the supervision of a NICET Level III draftsperson.  Minimum size drawings
that are acceptable is 1/8 scale.
PANEL:  Where radio fire alarm transmitters are required, the designer
shall provide a specification section for them.  Careful consideration is
necessary for placement of radio transmitters and antenna (obstructions,
maximum height allowances, etc.).  Place transmitters in accessible,
visible, and well travelled exterior locations.  Combination
transmitter/interface panels in one NEMA 3R enclosure are preferred for
design and installation purposes.
1.12  ELEVATORS:  Smoke detectors and/or heat detectors for elevator
machine rooms and hoistway areas shall be controlled by the building's 24
VDC FACP.  In addition to the NAVFAC DPL-91-0003 requirements heat
detectors connected directly to the FACP are also required.  Heat detectors
connected to the FACP do not interface with the elevator cab or shunt trip
shutdown feature.
system shall be used under any of the following conditions: (1) if the FACP
will have 8 to 10 zones; (2) if the building design incorporates numerous
smoke detectors; (3) if the design includes numerous interlocks and
shutdown features; (4) if an economic life cycle study shows it to be cost
1.13.1  Class B supervised initiating circuits shall be provided for
addressable programmable systems.
1.13.2  Class A supervised circuits shall be used for alarm
notification circuits, such as, horns, bells, etc.
1.13.3  Piezo electric horns shall be used in place of vibrating horns
or bells for alarm sounding purposes.
1.13.4  Analog addressable programmable systems shall be specified
whenever a large number of smoke detectors will be in the design drawings.


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