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2.1.1  Navy and Air Force Projects:  Design criteria differs somewhat
between Navy and Air Force projects.  All such differences are clearly
called out in MIL-HDBK-1008B (15 January 1994).
2.1.2  Hose Stream Demands:  For unsprinklered facilities design
parameters are contained in Appendix D of MIL-HDBK-1008B.
2.1.3  Sprinkler Coverage:  Sprinkler protection for all areas of the
building shall be included under the sprinkler specification section.
Sprinkler protection for freezers, coolers and covered loading docks shall
be specifically called for in the contract plans and specifications.  Do
not specify sprinklers coverage under separate specifications sections for
special areas, such as trash chutes, paint spray booths, elevators, etc.
2.2  HYDRAULIC ANALYSIS:  The A-E shall conduct water flow tests at
the proposed site and include pertinent test data in the first design
package submitted.  The A-E is responsible for determining if the water
supply is adequate to meet sprinkler and hose stream demands.  For
hydraulic calculations, deduct the hose stream requirement at the point of
connection to the existing distribution system or the closest fire hydrant,
whichever is closer to the sprinkler riser.  If these demands cannot be
met, the A-E shall provide solutions to the problem of an insufficient
water supply, i.e., fire pump(s), and/or water storage tank(s).  It is
imperative that possible problems and solutions be identified as early
possible.  See Page VI-1 of Attachment C of Appendix N for required format
of water supply data.  Provide reference points on drawings to show where
water supply data is given.  All systems over 1,500 square feet shall be
hydraulically calculated.
2.3.1  Approved double check valve assemblies shall be provide for all
sprinkler risers regardless of the type of pipe material used for the
sprinkler system, i.e., copper, plastic, stainless steel, galvanized, are
not exempted from this requirement.
2.3.2  Reduced pressure backflow preventers shall be provided for all
sprinkler systems where chemicals are injected into the system, i.e., AFFF
foam-water systems, antifreeze systems, etc.
2.3.3  The above noted cross-connection requirements have priority
over American Water Works Association's (AWWA) Manual M-14 and the Uniform
Plumbing Code (UPC).
2.4.1  Temperature Rating:  Use intermediate temperature rated (212oF)
sprinklers wherever NFPA 13 (1991 edition) requires ordinary (165oF)
temperature rating.  Use high temperature rated (286oF) sprinklers at


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