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ceiling/roof level of warehouse occupancies for storage heights under 25
feet high and ordinary (165oF) temperature rating for storage over 25 ft.
high and for in-rack sprinkler heads.
2.4.2  On-off Intermittent Sprinkler Heads:
Do not use or specify
"on-off" intermittent sprinkler heads.
2.4.3  BRIG Facilities:
Use tamper proof sprinklers in all detention
and correctional facilities.
2.4.4  Piers and Wharfs:  Sprinkler heads below a combustible pier or
wharf shall be pendant sprinkler heads installed in the upright position.
All sprinkler heads shall be of the corrosion resistant type.
2.4.5  Child Development Center:  Sprinkler heads in areas occupied by
children shall be quick-response with 165oF temperature rating.
2.5.1  Earthquake Sway Bracing:  Earthquake sway bracing shall be
installed on all sprinkler systems in accordance with NFPA 13.
2.5.2  Interior Sprinkler Piping Layout:  Interior sprinkler piping
layout shall be done by the contractor based on a performance
specifications.  A-E construction contract drawings shall show underground
feed main and sprinkler riser, but not the interior piping and sprinkler
heads.  (NOTE:  For Shipyard designs, drawings may have to be shop drawing
level quality with exact cut lengths, etc.  Consult with the Project Design
Engineer (PDE) to determine if this applies.)  Interior Sprinkler Piping Layout (Okinawa and Japan):
layout(s) shall be shown on contract drawings per Item 7.10.
2.5.3  Above Ground Piping:  Do not use plastic pipe or threadable
thin wall steel pipe for aboveground sprinkler piping.
2.5.4  Underground Feed Mains:  Underground sprinkler feed mains shall
be no smaller than six inches in size.  If plastic pipe is used, it shall
be CPVC.
2.6.1  Location:  The preferable location for all sprinkler risers is
inside the building with a three foot clearance in all directions plus a 36
inch wide aisle directly to main aisles or corridors.  If the sprinkler
riser is located outside, a protective shelter shall be built around it.
This riser enclosure shall be sized to fit the planned pipe layout of the
riser.  Provide guard posts for existing sprinkler risers located in open
industrial or warehouse areas.
2.6.2  Anchor Rods:  Provide anchor rods at the base of each sprinkler
riser according to Figure A-8-6.2(c) of NFPA 24 (1992 edition).  Show these
rods on riser details on contract drawings.


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