Quantcast  Supervision of Control Valves

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2.6.3  Control Valves:  Each sprinkler riser shall be controlled by
either a Post Indication Valve (PIV) or an Outside Screw & Yolk (OS&Y) gate
valve, but not both.  Pre-action and deluge systems shall have an OS&Y gate
valve.  Supervision of Control Valves:  All valves controlling
sprinkler systems shall be supervised by one of the methods outlined in
NFPA 13 (1991 edition).  The preferable method is to specify chain and
padlocks.  If the designer chooses valve tamper switches, an economic life
cycle analysis shall be performed to substantiate cost savings to the
2.7.1  Pre-Action Piping Supervision:  For pre-action systems, use
either plant air or tank-mounted air compressor(s).  Specify a low air
pressure switch for transmitting a low air signal to the FACP.
2.7.2  Pre-Action Deluge Valve Actuating Circuit:  The pre-action
deluge valve actuating circuit shall be Class A or solenoid coil
2.8  SPRINKLERS IN ELECTRONIC AREAS:  Where sprinklers are located in
electronic areas, electronics power must automatically shut down prior to
water flow.  Pre-action valves shall be operated by cross-zoned smoke
detectors.  Pre-action sprinkler heads installed in the pendant position
shall be the dry pendant type.  Prior to using wet pipe sprinkler
protection for electronic equipment areas the client shall be apprised of
the differences between the two types of systems and shall be allowed to
make a decision from an informed consent point of view.
2.9  CLUBS:  All clubs shall have sprinkler protection regardless of
construction per paragraph 6.1.2(l) of MIL-HDBK-1008B.
2.10  PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES:  A pressure relief valve shall be
installed for gridded wet pipe systems to prevent build-up of excess
pressure due to thermal heating.  Specify relief valve size to be a minimum
of 3/4-inch.  Show relief valve on riser diagram located at the upper
pressure gauge with relief valve discharge piped to the outside.
2.11  WAREHOUSES:  For warehouses, A-E shall design sprinkler
protection in accordance with MIL-HDBK-1008B, NFPA 231 (1990 edition) and
231C (1991 edition), as applicable.  Storage heights shall be based on
maximum potential storage height when the minimum required clear space
below sprinklers is maintained.  Designs shall be based on nonencapsulated
Class IV commodities unless a more severe class of storage is expected.
Where rack storage will be provided, show rack configurations, shelving
details, aisle width, etc. (plan view, elevation and details) on contract
drawings.  Indicate materials stored on the design drawing.  If solid
shelving, sprinklers are required beneath each tier.  Early suppression
fast response (ESFR) sprinkler protection is preferred in lieu of in-rack
sprinklers whenever possible.


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