Quantcast CO2 Piping Pressure Test

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An alarm signal shall be transmitted to the
FACP to charge the pre-action sprinkler
system in the protected area.
Upon actuation of a manual station, all functions under a
and b above shall occur, including the time delayed
discharge.  Manual release station shall be dual action
A pressure  switch shall be connected to the FACP to sound a
building general alarm but shall not initiate discharge
sequence nor shut down any equipment.
On Air Force
projects only, an abort switch shall be
provided and
shall be located within the protected area.
abort switch
will be included in Navy projects unless
authorized by PACNAVFACENGCOM Code 408.
3.2  CO2 SYSTEMS: In accordance with DOD criteria CO2 systems are not
substitutes for required sprinkler protection.
3.3.1  Reserve Supply of CO2:  Provide an in-place complete reserve
supply of CO2 for each system.  On Navy projects, this reserve supply shall
be connected through a main/reserve transfer switch.  On Air Force
projects, the reserve supply need not be connected.
3.3.2  CO2 Supply:  Locate CO2 supply cylinders outside of, but
adjacent to or as close as possible to the area(s) being protected.
CO2 cylinders shall be the standard 75 lbs. size cylinders.
3.4  MANUAL STATIONS:  All manual stations shall be distinct (i.e.,
signs, color and action) from manual building fire alarm stations and
stations for other extinguishing systems.
3.5  CO2 HOSE REELS:  No new CO2 hose reels shall be installed in any
building.  Existing CO2 hose reels shall be removed when remodeling.
3.6.1  Cleaning Pipes:  Before final testing, swab with alcohol all
system pipes to remove all oil within the pipes.  Include this in the
3.6.2  CO2 Piping Pressure Test:  Specify 1000 psi pressure test for
CO2 piping.  No more than 150 psi shall be lost in 2 minutes.  Include this
in the specification.
3.7  CONTROL PANELS:  Control panels for CO2 systems shall be equipped
with separate alarm silence switches for pre-alarm and discharge alarm
circuits.  (NOTE:  If at all possible the designer shall attempt to use UL


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