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listed or FM approved releasing modules in new or existing FACPs rather
than providing a separate carbon dioxide control panel.)
3.8  ACTUATING CIRCUIT:  The CO2 system actuating circuit shall be
Class A or solenoid coil supervised.
3.9  SEALING OF THE AREA:  Cable penetrations and trenches shall be
sealed.  The designer shall provide an approved system for sealing
openings, i.e., show a sealing system detail on the contract drawings.
3.10  GENERATORS:  When generators are protected by gaseous
extinguishing agents, the designers shall consider wind down time of the
3.11  DRAINS:  Where floor drains are provided, they are to be deep
trapped type to prevent leakage of the gas.
3.12  PARTITIONS:  Show details of partitions extending down to the
concrete floor below any raised flooring system(s).


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