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5.4  SALT WATER FIRE PUMPS:  All salt water fire pumps shall have
special metallurgy or coating systems in accordance with manufacturer's
recommendations and as required by PACDIV 406.
5.5.1  Lighting of Pump Rooms:
Provide emergency lighting in fire
pump rooms.
5.5.2  Drains in Fire Pump Rooms:  Fire pump rooms shall be provided
with adequate floor drains and a drainage system to the exterior of the
building.  Circulation relief valves shall be piped to the outside of the
building.  All test outlets to discharge safely outside of the building.
5.5.3  Fire Pump Houses:  All fire pump houses shall be constructed of
noncombustible construction.  Diesel driven pump houses shall be
Dual driven fire pumps are prohibited.
5.7  SALTWATER SYSTEMS:  Saltwater systems shall be installed for
ships in cold iron.  In other locations consider salt water system on a
case-by-case basis (per NAVFAC).  Metallurgy for pump casing shall take
into consideration anti-corrosion materials for longevity purposes.
5.8  AUTOMATICALLY ACTUATED FIRE PUMPS:  All fire pumps shall be
automatically actuated via pressure drop or water flow and manually stopped
at the fire pump controller.  Remote automatic redundant start shall be
provided for aircraft hangars via a pressure switch on the sprinkler riser
assembly.  All fire pumps shall be manually stopped, i.e., automatic stop
or manual remote stop is prohibited.


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