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7.1  EXIT SIGNS:  Exit signs shall be self-illuminated and have self
contained battery backup power.  If hearing impaired personnel will occupy
a facility, then the exit signs shall blink whenever the facility fire
alarm is actuated to satisfy UFAS and ADA criteria.
7.2  EXPOSED INSULATION:  Exposed insulation in concealed spaces of
sprinklered buildings shall be specified to have a flame spread of 25 or
less and a smoke developed rating of 50 or less (including paper covering).
This is to prevent the space from being defined as combustible concealed
space which would require sprinkler protection in accordance with NFPA 13.
Acceptable type of insulation blankets per Federal Spec HH-521F are Type
I, Type II (Class A only), and Type III (Class III only).  Any insulation
conforming to Federal Spec HHI-558B is acceptable for this application.
7.3  FIRE DOORS:  Fire doors shall be installed in listed or approved
door frames.  Wired glass shall be installed in steel frames.  Aluminum or
wood frames are prohibited.
Carpet shall not generally be used as interior wall
All standpipes shall be Class I.
No hose shall be
installations shall be concurrent with individual floor construction, such
that, they may be used during an emergency during construction.
7.7  HIGH RACK STORAGE:  Rack storage requiring in-rack sprinkler
protection (refer to NFPA 231C) shall be so designed as to allow in-rack
piping to be installed in longitudinal and/or transverse flue without being
damaged by pallet loads of materials.  The mechanical rack design shall
allow a longitudinal flue space of approximately 12 inches.  Small hose
stations shall be provided in warehouses per NFPA No. 231 or 231C and per
OSHA unlined linen hose can not be installed as only hose reels with lined
rubber hose is permitted.
7.8  SMOKE AND HEAT VENTS:  Smoke and heat vents shall be provided in
buildings where a high rate of heat release is expected, i.e., high piled
storage, flammable/combustible liquid storage, rubber tire storage,
hazardous waste and material storage, aircraft hangars, etc.  If the
facility does not or will not have sprinkler protection these vents shall
be automatically operated per NFPA 204M.  In a sprinklered facility these
vents shall be manually actuated.
7.9  CQC CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS:  Fire protection submittals for CQC
projects shall be reviewed by a U.S. registered fire protection engineer
employed by the independent third party CQC firm.  Final acceptance tests
of installed fire protection systems on a CQC project shall be witnessed by
PACNAVFACENGCOM Code 408 who will be responsible for recommending
acceptance or non-acceptance of the systems to the Contracting Officer.


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