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However, CQM will not overcome deficiencies found in poorly prepared plans
and specifications.  This happens frequently resulting in costly change
The role of the designer is therefore extremely important in establishing
the quality control requirements in the specifications such as:
qualifications, inspections, tests, submittal, and design criteria for the
quality control system to succeed.  Quality Control requirements are covered
in: NFGS-01450, "Quality Control"; NAVFAC P-445, "Construction Quality Control
Manual"; and contract clause FAR 52.246-12, "Inspection of Construction.  The
plans and specification writer must check the plans carefully to see that no
discrepancies or variances occur between plans and specifications.  The
specifications must clearly state the degree of quality level required for
every item of work.  Every type of material required for the project must be
specified.  Otherwise, the Contractor can get by with inferior material.
Whenever federal, military and some commercial specifications are referenced,
the Contractor is given several options in the choice of materials or
equipment.  The designer must read the specification thoroughly and select the
required options.  He must state the exact type, class, grade, size, weight,
finish, or other options listed in the specifications.
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