Quantcast Notice of Requirement for Affirmative Action to Ensure Equal Employment

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the Affirmative Action Compliance Requirements for Construction clause of
this solicitation.
b.  The goals for minority and female participation, expressed in
percentage terms for the Contractor's aggregate workforce in each trade on
all construction work in the covered area, are as follows:
Goals for minority participation
Goals for female
for each trade
participation for each trade
These goals are applicable to all the Contractor's construction work
performed in the covered area.  If the Contractor performs construction
work in a geographical area located outside of the covered area, the
Contractor shall apply the goals established for the geographical area
where the work is actually performed.  Goals are published periodically in
the Federal Register in notice form, and these notices may be obtained from
any Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs office.
c.  The Contractor's compliance with Executive Order 11246 as amended, and
the regulations in 41 CFR 60.4 shall be based on its implementation of the
Equal Opportunity clause, (2) specific affirmative action obligations
required by the clause entitled "Affirmative Action Compliance Requirements
for Construction," and (3) its efforts to meet the goals.  The hours of
minority and female employment and training must be substantially uniform
throughout the length of the contract, and in each trade. The Contractor
shall make a good faith effort to employ minorities and women evenly on
each of its projects.  The transfer of minority or female employees or
trainees from Contractor to Contractor, or from project to project, for the
sole purpose of meeting the Contractor's goals shall be a violation of the
contract, Executive Order 11246, as amended, and the regulations in 41 CFR
60.4.  Compliance with the goals will be measured against the total work
hours performed.
d.  The Contractor shall provide written notification to the Deputy
Assistant Secretary for Federal Contract Compliance, U.S. Department of
Labor, within 10 working days following award of any construction
subcontract in excess of $10,000 at any tier for construction work under
the contract resulting from this solicitation.  The notification shall list
(1) Name, address, and telephone number of the subcontractor; (i)
Employer identification number of the subcontractor;
(2) Estimated dollar amount of the subcontract;
(3) Estimated starting and completion dates of the subcontract; and
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