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order for the Contracting Officer to make a determination as to the
acceptability of individuals proposed as sureties, as prescribed in FAR
28.203(b), all proposers who submit bonds which are executed by individual
sureties are requested to furnish additional information in support of
SF-28, Affidavit of Individual Surety, with the bonds.  Pursuant to
Instruction 3(b) of Standard Form 24, the Bond, Standard Form 25, the
Performance Bond, and the Standard Form 25A, the Payment Bond, the
Contracting Officer requests the following information:
(a) Equity Securities (Stock):
(1) State the place(s) of incorporation and address of the principal
place of business for each issuing corporation listed.
(2) State whether the security issued was issued by public or private
offering and give the place of registration of the security.
(3) State whether the security is presently, actively traded.
(b) Debt securities (Bonds) and Certificates of Deposit:
(1) List the type of bonds held and their maturity dates.
(2) State the name, address, and telephone number of the issuing
agency, firm or individual.
(3) State the complete address(es) where the bonds are held.
(4) State whether the bonds have been pledged as security or have
otherwise been encumbered.
(c) Real Property Interests:
(1) Provide complete recording data for the conveyance of each parcel
or interest listed to the individual proposed as surety.
(2) State whether the values listed are based upon personal evaluation
or evaluation of an experienced real estate appraiser.  If
available, provide copies of written appraisals.
(3) State the method(s) of valuation upon which appraisal is based.
(4) Provide the assessed value of each property interest listed
utilized by the appropriate tax assessor for purposes of property
(5) Provide the telephone number, including area code, for the tax
assessor who performed the most recent tax assessment.
(6) State whether each real property interest listed is currently
under lien or in any way encumbered and the dollar amount of each
such lien or encumbrance.
(d) Persons Proposed as Individual Sureties:
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