Quantcast Transportation of Supplies by Sea -Cont.

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(c) The Contractor must submit any request for use of other than U.S.-flag
vessels in writing to the Contracting Officer at least 45 days prior to the
sailing date necessary to meet its delivery schedules.  The Contracting
Officer will process requests submitted after such date(s) as expeditiously
as possible, but the Contracting Officer's failure to grant approvals to
meet the shipper's sailing date will not of itself constitute a compensable
delay under this or any other clause of this contract.  Requests shall
contain at a minimum--
(1) Type, weight, and cube of cargo;
(2) Required shipping date;
(3) Special handling and discharge requirements;
(4) Loading and discharge points;
(5) Name of shipper and consignee;
(6) Prime contract number; and
(7) A documented description of efforts made to secure U.S.-flag
vessels, including points of contact (with names and telephone
numbers) with at least two U.S.-flag carriers contacted.  Copies
of telephone notes, telegraphic and facsimile messages or letters
will be sufficient for this purpose.
(d) The Contractor shall, within thirty days after each shipment covered by
this clause, provide the Contracting Officer and the Division of National
Cargo, Office of Market Development, Maritime Administration, U.S.
Department of Transportation, Washington, DC 20590, one copy of the rated
on board  vessel operating carrier's ocean bill of lading, which shall
contain the following information:
(1) Prime contract number;
(2) Name of vessel;
(3) Vessel flag of registry;
(4) Date of loading;
(5) Port of loading;
(6) Port of final discharge;
(7) Description of commodity;
(8) Gross weight in pounds and cubic feet if available;
(9) Total ocean freight in U.S. dollars.
(10) Name of the steamship company.
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