Quantcast Record Drawings

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Lights shall be used only in areas where and at the time when work
is actually being performed.
Mechanical equipment controls for heating, ventilation and air
conditioning systems will not be adjusted by the workers.
Water faucets or valves shall be turned off after the required
usage has been accomplished.
Telephone Lines.  Telephone lines for the sole use of the Contractor will
not be available.  Government telephones shall not be used for personal
Contractor Availability.  The Contractor shall maintain a telephone at
which its' representative may be reached 24 hours daily.  The telephone
shall be listed in the Contractor's name.  If the Contractor does not have
a local telephone, it shall maintain a toll free emergency telephone (or
accept collect calls from authorized Government personnel) at which he or
his representative may be reached at night, weekends and holidays.  It is
mandatory that the Contractor or his representative be available to a toll
free telephone 24 hours per day, seven days per week, including holidays.
The Contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer in writing of the
mailing address and telephone number within three days after award of this
contract and immediately thereafter in the event of change.
FAC 5252.236-9310, RECORD DRAWINGS (JUN 1994)
The Contractor shall maintain at the jobsite two sets of full-size prints
of the contract drawings, accurately marked in red with adequate
dimensions, to show all variations between the construction actually
provided and that indicated or specified in the contract documents,
including buried or concealed construction.  Special attention shall be
given to recording the horizontal and vertical location of all buried
utilities that differ from the contract drawings.  Existing utility lines
and features revealed during the course of construction shall also be
accurately located and dimensioned.  Variations in the interior utility
systems shall be clearly defined and dimensioned; and coordinated with
exterior utility connections at the building five-foot line, where
applicable.  Existing topographic features which differ from those shown on
the contract drawings shall also be accurately located and recorded.  Where
a choice of materials or methods is permitted herein, or where variations
in scope or character of methods is permitted herein, or where variations
in scope or character of work from that of the original contract are
authorized, the drawings shall be marked to define the construction
actually provided.  The representations of such changes shall conform to
standard drafting practice and shall include such supplementary notes,
legends, and details as necessary to clearly portray the as-built
construction.  These drawings shall be available for review by the
Contracting Officer at all times.  Upon completion of the work, both sets
of the marked up prints shall be certified as correct, signed by the
Contractor, and delivered to the Contracting Officer for his approval
before acceptance.  Requests for partial payments will not be approved if
the marked prints are not kept current, and request for final payment will
not be approved until the marked prints are delivered to the Contracting
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