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Sep 97 (Rev. 7/99)
The following required sheets, sections, and attachments comprise a project package:
1. Cover Sheet - A-E (See sample format)
2. Project Table of Contents (Divisions 01 thru 16 only; Do not list Division 00 Sections)
3. Front End Sections (Division 00):
a.  00101, "Bid Schedules" (If required; for extraction of data by R110 for "Schedule of Bid
Items") and
00102 , "List of Drawings".
Prepare and attach to "Project Information Form Required for 100% and Final Submittals".
Note: Required for use by R110 in completing the Div. 00 sections. See Section 8
"Specifications" of PACDIV A-E Guide, P-74 (Nov) for a sample. Check out PACDIV's web site
for a more current version: http://www.efdpac.navfac.navy.mil
4. Division 01 Sections and Technical Sections (Divisions 02 thru 16).
5. 01330:
Submittal Register: From SPECINSTACT w/SGML.
6. 01450: Covers the requirement for quality control for all projects over $25,000. Permits specific
tailoring of the QC requirements.
Test/Requirements List: SPECSINTACT generated.
Construction Quality Management Forms: (6 sheets)
a. Contractor Production Report (Form 01450-1 7/96)
b. Contractor Quality Control Report (Form 01450-1 7/96) (Back) and
Continuation Sheets (Form 01450-2 (2))
c. Testing Plan and Log
d. Rework Items List
7. 01580 (Construction Sign - if applicable)
For Navy, Marine Corps, and Army Projects Projects:
Project Identification Sign Board - 5 sheets
For Air Force Projects:
a. Sample Construction Sign for AF Projects
b. Typical Cross Section
8. 02220 (If applicable):
State of Hawaii, Dept. of Health - "Notification of Demolition and Renovation"


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