Quantcast Section 2 Design Philosophy

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1. GENERAL: Our design philosophy is one
of ornament, extreme configurations, excessive
automation/mechanization; poor choices of
of responsive, responsible, and defensible design
utility, electrical or HVAC systems; and exotic
for Navy shore facilities with a commitment to
landscaping or materials are inconsistent with
design principles and practices which are
our objective to create pleasant, efficient and
requirements-based, logical, and conservative.
cost effective facilities.
Our designs must produce facilities that are
straightforward and businesslike. They must
2. IMPLEMENTATION: Before beginning
respond to user needs, but reflect a responsible
use of public funds. They must be defensible in
the design, the A/E should review current
terms of scope, cost, and appearance.
criteria, instructions and guide specifications
Appropriate, defensible design is:
provided by SOUTHNAVFACENGCOM, and
make a thorough study of conditions at the site
Well planned
and the requirements of the project. If, after an
analytical review, the A/E is of the opinion that a
Effective in function
deviation from instructions, Navy criteria or
building codes would be of benefit to the
Appropriate in form and appearance
Government, the A/E shall bring the matter to
the attention of the PM for a decision.
A/E to use ingenuity and professional expertise
to develop the best possible design for all
elements of the project within the constraints
Adaptable and durable over time in the
imposed. However, the use of untried concepts
operating environment giving proper weight to
and materials for which no "track record" exists
each of the above elements.
Monumental structures, stylistic applications


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