Quantcast Structural Interior Design

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P-141, Change 3
April 1997
coordination  with  the  Naval  Criminal
covering, plastic laminate, solid surfacing,
Investigative Service (NCIS) and NISE East
etc.), built-in furnishings (cabinets, toilet
via submittals at the Schematic, 35%, and
partitions, projection screens, bulletin boards,
100% Submittal stages.
marker boards, etc.), window treatments
(venetian  blinds,  shutters,  etc.),  interior
2) Navy Non-MCON Projects:  The A/E
graphics/signs, and any and all other similar
shall be responsible for all aspects of the IDS
items. Any element eventually requiring color
selection shall be included.
requirements and locations as well as related
facility support items, as an integral part of the
2. Systems furniture, when included, shall be
overall project design.
treated as any other built-in element of the
facility and shall be included in the plans and
3) Marine Corps Projects: The A/E shall
specifications. Systems furniture includes all
be responsible for all aspects of the IDS
panels (both powered and non-powered) with
The A/E shall provide required
all hang-on components and associated task
coordination with NISE East via submittals at
seating.  Companion freestanding modular
the Schematic, 35%, and 100% Submittal
furniture required to complete associated
functional work spaces and private offices
shall be included.
Each submittal shall
4) Air Force Projects:
IDS  design,
demonstrate complete coordination with the
including equipment/device requirements and
facility design.
locations, will be provided to the A/E. The
A/E shall be responsible for providing related
3. A generic Furniture Footprint of both SID
facility support items such as power wiring,
and CID furniture shall be developed, showing
junction boxes, conduit systems, built-in
adequate  wall  space,  circulation  area,
cabinetry, a riser diagram, and typical junction
coordination with built-in elements and related
box  installation  details  as  an  integral
considerations. The purpose of this drawing is
component of the overall project design.
to indicate, from information provided by the
activity customer, that appropriate spatial
allowances have been made in the facility
design. This Furniture Footprint is separate
and apart from any further SID or any CID
1. Structural Interior Design (SID) consists
effort (CID Paragraph L).
of  the  design,  selection,  and  color
coordination of any element which is integral
to or attached to the physical structure. SID
deliverables include all necessary drawings
specifications, basis of design information, and
color boards. SID elements include, but are
not limited to, all building surfaces (carpet,
ceramic tile, vinyl composition tile, paint, wall


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