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P-141, Change 4
November 1998
(AHERA Sampling) requirements.  Prior
The A/E shall perform an asbestos survey of
positive results shall be accepted and no
all areas of the project to be demolished,
further testing is required. If prior results
renovated or disturbed in accordance with the
are negative for asbestos, but the number of
requirements of 40 CFR 763 "Asbestos
samples for each suspect homogeneous area
Hazard Emergency Response Act" (AHERA).
do  not  meet  the  AHERA  sampling
An EPA certified asbestos inspector, meeting
requirements, supplemental sampling shall
the accreditation requirements of 40 CFR 763
be accomplished. Also ensure that all areas
Subpart E  (AHERA) and licensed by the
to be affected by the renovation or
State, shall conduct the survey and validate
construction were inspected.
prior surveys. The results of the survey will
areas" are those internal and external
be used for construction permitting and will be
building areas in which renovation or
subject to inspection by federal, state and local
construction activities will likely take place,
agencies. Survey and abatement work shall be
including lay down areas, and areas in which
conducted under a safety and health plan and
utilities will be routed (i.e., attics, crawl
in full compliance with all applicable safety,
spaces, and above ceilings).
health and worker protection regulations.
Step 3) Inspect the affected areas in the
The survey will incorporate prior survey
information and supplemental testing as
building(s) to identify those materials that
necessary and consist of the following five
may  contain  asbestos.
homogenous areas will be identified to
assure that all ACM is identified and
Step 1) Review existing building records and
documented. Suspect materials shall be
tested to the greatest extent possible;
drawings for references to ACM used in
however, when determined not practical to
construction, renovation, or repairs. Obtain
sample the material it shall be Presumed
prior Asbestos Surveys from the activity
Asbestos Containing Material (PACM). The
Asbestos Program Manager or facility
inspector shall document in writing any
denial of a request to perform destructive
Step 2) Validate prior surveys for the areas
tests.  Include in the documentation the
reason(s) for not testing and who denied the
to be disturbed and incorporate into the new
request. The inspector
survey. The inspector shall verify that all
suspected Asbestos Containing Material
(ACM) has been identified, that site
conditions have not changed, and that an
adequate number of samples were collected
and analyzed to meet 40 CFR 763.86


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