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discipline, see Sections 12-17 of this Guide.
The Basis of Design is a narrative presentation
The narrative shall be submitted at the design
of facts sufficiently complete to demonstrate
stages indicated in the SOW. The submittal
that the concept of the project is fully
shall be organized by discipline in the same
understood and that subsequent design details
sequence as Sections 12-17 and shall be bound
and their ultimate presentation in the final
in a manner appropriate to the number of
drawings and specifications will be based on
pages included. A cover sheet identifying the
sound  engineering.
A  discussion  and
document as the Basis of Design and including
description of the design in each of the
the submittal stage, project title, project
disciplines appropriate to the project shall be
location, A-E and Construction contract
The  submission  is  to  be
numbers, and the date shall be provided. If
substantiated by brief statements regarding the
warranted by the size of the package, an index
rationale for the various selections. Unique
page listing the disciplines and their sub-
design features or considerations required for
headings should be provided immediately
the project that will significantly influence
following the cover sheet. All pages should be
project cost or construction schedule shall be
numbered, and the page numbers included on
described and supporting rationale provided.
the index.
For  additional  information  and  specific


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