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P-141, Change 5
May 1999
In order to simplify plotting both full and half
size sheets, all elements of the digital file
which represent sheets, border/title block
The need to share the ever increasing
graphics, and "fixed" size symbols, shall be
complexity  and  volume  of  information
created at their "real world" size using the
contained in CADD files mandates a certain
appropriate unit of measurement (inch or
degree of organization of this information.
mm). For example, the "cut" sheet dimensions
There is national and international support for
the emerging National CADD Standard,
for a D-size sheet shall be 34 inches wide (x)
and 22 inches high (y).
which  provides  guidance  in  content
organization. As a minimum, the following
2.3  Portable Document Format (.pdf)
requirements apply to all CADD deliverables.
The  deliverable  requirement  is
3.1  Level/Layer Assignments.  Elements
individual sheet portable document format
files. The individual sheet portable document
within the CADD files shall conform to the
format file is a portable document format file
level/layer assignments published as Appendix
containing a single full size page for each D-
B of the "A/E/C CADD Standards Manual".
size sheet in the set of drawings. This file will
These assignments adhere to the format
be named identically to the corresponding
published by the AIA as "CAD Layer
CADD sheet file, but with the standard ".
file extension. These sheet ".pdf" files must be
3.2  Reference files (XREF's). The use of
produced for a 600 dpi (dots per inch)
minimum  monochrome  pdfWriter  printer
reference files is encouraged; however, several
driver. Files produced by scanning hardcopy
key criteria must be followed when preparing
documents are not allowed. The A/E shall
the final CADD deliverables. Do not embed
electronically sign and seal the CADD files
an absolute path/filename when attaching the
prior to converting them to the final .pdf file.
reference file . Make sure that all files which
have been referenced are included in the
These files will be book marked, indexed, and
/MODEL/ directory. Do not nest reference
combined into the "drawings.pdf" file at
files; that is, do not include a reference file
Southern Division. The book mark will be the
which itself contains reference files.
sheet file name without the extension. This
3.3  Graphic Groups (Cells and Blocks).
file will be the drawing set for the Electronic
Bid Set; therefore the A/E must validate the
The use of graphic groups (cells or blocks) is
accuracy of the conversion from the CADD
part of efficient use of CADD; however, do
files to the .pdf files. In addition, the A/E shall
not use nested cells and blocks in the final
provide an ASCII file that lists the .pdf
CADD deliverables. Make sure that all blocks
drawing file name and the drawing title. See
and cells are transportable with the host files
sample format at end of this PART.
which use them, without loss of information.
Also, make sure that they are included in the
/MODEL/ directory.


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