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P-141, Change 4
November 1998
Documentation shall be included in the sheet
file for each final plotted sheet on the
layer/level "X-****-NPLT". The information
4.1  Line Widths.  Hardcopy output line
should be complete and accurate enough for
SOUTHDIV to be able to reproduce the final
widths from the CADD files shall conform to
hard copy plot on their CADD system. As a
the line widths published in the "A/E/C CADD
minimum this includes:
Standards Manual", Chapter 2.
4.2  Line Types/Styles. Elements within the
plotter/printer name/model;
graphics output language (HPGL,
CADD files shall conform to the line
EPS, etc);
types/styles published in the "A/E/C CADD
list of reference files visible in plot,
Standards Manual", Chapter 2.
including sheet borders/title blocks;
4.3  Text Type Faces (Styles).  Text type
list of cells/blocks visible in plot;
list of visible layers/levels;
faces (styles) are often erroneously called
pen assignments;
"fonts"; but a font is a specific type face
other settings which control display
(style) of a specific size. A type face is the
and output (locks);
graphic definition of the text characters. For
plot date, date of last modification to
clarity and consistency, a proportional, sans
file, archive date; and
serif type face is recommended. For reasons
any other consideration needed to
of accurate translation and almost universal
produce the plot.
availability, the Arial True Type face is
recommended for text in CADD files. Mono-
spaced should be used ONLY where it is
critical to vertically align text from one row to
the next and the CADD software offers no
Required media for the final CADD digital
other alternative. The mono-spaced type face
deliverable data set is CD-ROM, containing
in AutoCAD is "Monospaced"  and  in
the 3 major directories: /MODEL/, /SHEET/,
MicroStation it is Font #3. No third party
and /PDF/. Large projects which may require
fonts other than the Arial type style previously
more than one CD-ROM should not split
described should be used in the CADD files.
directories between CD-ROM's unless there is
4.4  Patterns, Symbols, and Objects. All
no alternative. All file names shall conform to
the ISO-9660 syntax and character limitations
patterns used in the CADD files must be
in addition to previous requirements.
produced by the core CADD software, and
not specific to third party software. Symbols
and objects are specific applications of the
cells and blocks discussed previously.


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