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P-141, Change 2
May 1996
developed and what sources of pricing
Estimate shall be prepared in as much
data were used in the estimate. The A/E
detail as possible. Although the detailed
shall provide specific rationale for factors
system estimate may lack full definition at
that have a significant impact on the Cost
this stage, there should be a fully
Estimate (i.e. - local market conditions,
developed listing of the major systems of
project size, complexity, etc.).
the project complete with unit costs. It is
recognized this estimate is based on
preliminary drawings and quotes and that
revisions to the cost are likely as the
Estimate should normally require only
project drawings and specifications are
minor  revisions  to  the  100%  Cost
further developed.
Estimate. The estimate should reflect any
final adjustments in the project cost to
assure the estimate is in line with market
The  100%
conditions expected at the bid date and
Submission  Cost  Estimate  shall  be
incorporates all changes that result from
developed from complete drawings and
the 100% submission review. For all
specifications. The estimate shall be based
projects, the A/E shall provide (with the
on a fully developed and accurate quantity
takeoff with current unit prices. The A/E
final submission only) a copy of the
shall provide a brief narrative description
estimate on a 3 1/2" floppy disk.
of  how  the  Cost  Estimate  was


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