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P-141, Change 4
November 1998
of a high quality and clear and legible when
sheet shall be located at the lower right corner
reduced to half size.  Particular attention
of each sheet.  Scales shall be placed in
should be given in the preparation of drawings
sequence according to size with the smallest
to the amount of detail shown in a given space.
uppermost.  It is not sufficient to place all
Poor spacing, careless lettering, weak lines and
scales on one master sheet. Graphic scales
crowded drawings will not be accepted.
must be shown on each sheet, and must be
Shading shall not be used to emphasize details.
On small uncomplicated projects, one or more
8.  SYMBOLS: All symbols must be large
plans may be combined onto one sheet, but
never so that the plans will be crowded.
enough to be completely legible. Symbols for
Illegible/poor quality drawings will not be
project features shall conform to current
industry standards. Symbols used to identify
sections, elevations, and details shall utilize
circles with a two-part reference system. See
ENGCOM will provide the A/E the correct
the last page of this Part for examples
title block format. The A/E's firm name shall
illustrating the two-part bubble system.
appear in the title block; consultant firm names
9  NOMENCLATURE: There are many
shall not. The project title shall be on one line
in the appropriate portion of the title block.
phrases and statements placed on drawings
which are considered acceptable in the private
6.  DRAWING SIZE: Full scale drawings
sector but are not acceptable for Government
will be "D" size (22" x 34"), and must be
projects.  The following is a list of typical
reproduced at a size of 11" x 17" for review
discrepancies with corrections:
a. INCORRECT: "As instructed by the
7.  SCALES: Scales shall be appropriate to
depict all aspects of the required work without
Should not be used.
clutter.  For additional information refer to
b. INCORRECT: "By others."
Sections 12 through 17.
"By the Navy."
7.1  Conventional Scales: Under the title of
"By the Naval Facilities
each Plan, Elevation, Section, Detail, etc.,
Engineering Command."
provide the drawing scale (Example: SCALE
"By the Government."
1/8" = 1' 0"). Closely related groups of details
c. INCORRECT: "By the Electrical Con-
having identical scales and tied together with a
common title may receive a single indication of
scale under their common title.
7.2  Graphic Scales:
In addition to
conventional scales, a series of graphic scales
which shall include every scale used on the


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