Quantcast Site Investigation Responsibilities,Reports,Videos, and Verification

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P-141, Change 4
November 1998
1. The A/E shall obtain site data and
construction document records at the activity,
and visual observations. The assessment shall
investigate existing site conditions, utilities
determine the location, condition, and quantity
and facilities as necessary to properly integrate
of all materials suspected of containing lead-
design of the Project with existing site
based paint. The A/E shall exercise due care
conditions. Except as otherwise contracted,
in accordance with OSHA standards.  The
site investigation shall include complete and
results of the assessment shall be included in
accurate  field  investigation,  topographic
the Basis of Design.
survey and verification of location and
availability of utility and drainage systems.
4. The A/E shall submit to the PM a brief
Existing  as-built  record  drawings  when
available will be furnished by the client activity
report of each site investigation visit. The
for information; however, the A/E shall be
report shall include the names of personnel
responsible  for  field  verifying  as-built
contacted, a brief synopsis of the findings of
drawings and other site features which may
the visit, and a list of problems encountered
influence the design of the Project.
during the site investigation.
2. The A/E shall photograph and study the
5. The A/E shall visit the Project site with
surrounding built and unbuilt environment for
ROICC and Public Works representatives
purposes of providing compatible design. The
during the 100% review period to field verify
A/E shall submit with the first design submittal
the accuracy of the design and existing
a video tape record (VHS format) of existing
conditions as shown on the construction
site  conditions  and  prominent  facilities
documents. Any discrepancies or omissions
adjacent to the project site that will influence
shall be corrected prior to the final submittal.
the architectural design of the project. The
The A/E shall provide a visit report outlining
video tape shall be forwarded to the PM and
the scope of the site verification and findings.
will be studied by the Architectural Review
6. All site investigation work, including
Board  to  determine  the  architectural
compatibility of the project with existing
topographic  and  soil  surveys,  shall  be
permanent facilities.  The video tape must
coordinated with the Public Works personnel.
include an audio description of existing
During the execution of site investigation
facilities and site features keyed to a site map.
work, the A/E shall be responsible for
obtaining necessary permits
3. In the event that a "Lead Survey" is not
required as a deliverable, the A/E shall make a
lead-based paint probability assessment of all
existing facilities being demolished, repainted,
or altered as part of this Project.  The
assessment shall be based on building age,


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