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P-141, Change 4
November 1998
g. In addition to the hard copies required,
c. Cover sheet shall be signed and dated by a
provide a "SPECSINTACT" system back-up
corporate member of the A/E firm.
copy of the completed project specification on
3-1/2 disk. (Do NOT use DOS "Backup" for
d.Specifications shall be complete in all
this purpose.)
respects, ready for advertisement and bidding,
with all 100% (and subsequent) review
h. Provide a complete electronic copy (on
comments incorporated or resolved. Return
the  copy  of  the  previous  submission
3-1/2" disk or CD ROM) of the specification
specifications marked with Navy comments.
in pdf format. These files may be used as
the bid documents and therefore must
e. Ensure that the Basis of Bid, Time for
contain a complete set of specifications
including the cover sheet with A/E's
Completion,  and  Liquidated  Damages
statements, properly executed, are included.
specification  sections,  forms,  sketches,
f. Ensure that the Submittal Register, with
reports, etc. Use Adobe Acrobat software
to convert the native SPECSINTACT or
Column (e) properly filled in, is included in
word processing files to pdf format.
Section 01330.
Sketches or forms that are not in electronic
format may be scanned and then converted


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