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P-141, Change 3
April 1997
c) All partitions with fire walls and
b) Kitchen layout with dimensions and
security/acoustical partitions which
c) Stairs with runs and widths, landings,
extend to structure above noted.
d) HVAC diffusers and returns.
and railings dimensioned.
e) Light fixtures.
d) All necessary notes.
f)  Access Panels.
b.Architectural Elevations showing:
g) Ceiling mounted signage.
1) All sides of building with vertical
h) All required notes.
dimensions and floor level elevations.
2) All  finish  materials  and  special
3) Roof Plans showing:
a) Roof  layout  with  all  pertinent
requirements labeled.
3) Expansion and crack control joints.
4) Exterior doors.
b) Parapet  walls,  expansion  joints,
5) Windows with operating sash indicated.
crickets, overflow scuppers, roof
6) Exhaust fans, louvers, and grills.
drains, gutters, and downspouts.
c) Direction of roof slope and amount of
7) Gutters, downspouts, splash blocks, and
slope (minimum 1/2" per foot desired
overflow scuppers.
8) Roof mounted equipment, exhaust
for USAF projects and required for
USN projects -- 1/4" per foot
stacks, and antennas.
9) Reference symbols for section and detail
absolute minimum for reroofing). All
valleys shall have positive slope.
d) All  roof  mounted  equipment
10) All necessary notes.
c. Building  Sections  (same  scale  as
mechanical, and electrical drawings).
Mount air terminals (lighting rods) on
Architectural Floor Plans, when practical)
parapet terminals.
e) All roof penetrations, vents, exhausts,
1) Floor, wall, partition, ceiling, and roof
skylights,  monitors,  and  access
information for a minimum of one
transverse and one cross section
f)  Reference symbols for wall sections,
through entire building.
2) Reference symbols for section and detail
building sections, and details.
g) All necessary notes.
3) Doors,  windows,  finish  materials,
4) Enlarged Floor Plans showing:
expansion  joints,  casework,  toilet
a) Enlarged toilet plans at 1/2" = 1'-0"
partitions, ladders, and signage.
4) Lighting, HVAC registers and returns,
with toilet fixtures (handicapped
accessible and regular types) and
built-in equipment
toilet accessories labeled and special
P-141, Change 3


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