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a. Loads - Include all loadings, forces,  Computer Outputs shall be identified
temperature changes, induced settlements, etc.
that may affect the design of the structure.
similar to the calculations and may be referenced
The list shall include the application/location,
as an appendix or attachment. Document the
magnitude and units of measure for each load.
program name, source and version. All models
used for computer input shall be provided. The
b.Restrictions - Include all limiting factors
element/members, materials/properties, and all
such as deflection limits, (horizontal and
loadings,  temperature  changes,  induced
vertical),  height  restrictions,  special
settlements/deflections, etc., and a list of their
tolerances  for  installing  or  operating
combinations considered in the analysis.
equipment, or other special restrictions that
Computer results shall include an output
may affect the design of the structure.
summary  listing  for  maximum/minimum
c. Materials - Include all material to be
stresses/forces and deflections for each element
and the structure reactions for each loading
used and their allowable stress limits or yield
points. The list shall include material type
and grade, class, allowable stress, yield and
appropriate units of measure.
submittals will sometimes be required by the
d.References - Include all criteria, accepted
Statement of Work (SOW), which will indicate
the required completion percentage (e.g. 60%
standards, manuals, codes, texts, papers, or
interim submittal). Specific submittal items will
other design information used in the analysis
be identified in the SOW, however, the primary
and design that is accepted in a public
components will normally be the drawings and
domain. All references shall be appropriately
Drawings shall include all
identified.  Abbreviations such as AISC,
requirements of the 35% submittal plus
ASTM, ACI, etc. are acceptable.  Also,
additional detail to bring them to the specified
include computer program, (source and
completion percentage. See the Section 11 for
name), along with the version and date used
interim specification requirements.
for analysis and design. Where criteria is
provided by a facility user, document the
originator in the calculations.  Calculations shall include the analysis
2.4.1  Drawings:  The 100% plans, detail
and design of all (major cost contributing
sheets and other required drawings shall be
elements) beams, columns, walls, foundations,
completed in accordance with the following
slabs, bracing, diaphragms, equipment supports,
minimum requirements.
etc. and the connections to each other to provide
a safe, stable, efficient and cost effective  General Conditions:
structural system.  An adequate number of
a. Design criteria for loads, materials, and
sketches with sufficient detail to make the
designer's intentions clear, concise and easily
b.General notes for the project,
understandable  shall  be  provided.
c. Material notes such as structural steel,
assumptions and references to codes, standards,
criteria, drawings and computer outputs shall be
concrete, masonry, etc.,
d.Bid information such as pile/caisson lengths,
noted as necessary.


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