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P-141, Change 2
May 1996
b. Calculated heating and cooling loads
as compressed air, hydraulic, nitrogen, etc.
c. Documentation of unusual temperature
Explain the source of medium.
and humidity requirements
2.1.2  Calculations:
d. Ventilation  rates  with  a  statement
Preliminary  HVAC
calculations shall be in accordance with
regarding compliance with ASHRAE
ASHRAE guidance. Plumbing calculations shall
Standard 62
e. Discuss areas to be conditioned and
include cold water demand and hot water
equipment locations
f. Any other HVAC design features such as
2.1.3  Drawings:
Sufficient  mechanical
drawings shall be included to indicate major
provisions for future heating/cooling plant
equipment for approved  mechanical  and
additions, etc.
plumbing systems.  Refrigeration  (Cold  Storage):
Describe refrigeration/cold storage requirements,
The 35% mechanical submittal shall include the
proposed equipment, types of refrigerants, etc.
following:  Bulk and Retail Petroleum Fuel
2.2.1  Basis of Design: The Basis of Design
Distribution and Storage:  Discuss storage,
shall be a narrative presentation of facts which
distribution, leak detection, containment, overfill
will clearly describe the selected mechanical and
protection, etc.
domestic water heating systems. Justification for  Miscellaneous Mechanical Systems:
all systems and major equipment selections shall
be substantiated by an analysis of alternatives
Describe any special mechanical systems such as
examined and a brief statement for the various
compressed air, hydraulic, nitrogen, etc. Explain
selections. A discussion and description shall be
the source of medium.
provided for the following:
2.2.2  Calculations:  Air conditioning and
Plumbing Systems:
heating calculations shall be in accordance with
the latest edition of ASHRAE guidance. At a
a. Number and types of plumbing fixtures
minimum, calculations shall include:
b. Available water pressure
c. Water heating method and fuel
a. Source documentation for all design values
used.  Heating,
b. Tabulation of inside and outside design
temperatures  and  relative  humidities.
Include  tolerance  values  for  inside
a. Description of the selected HVAC systems
and controls, including energy sources.
Include Exhibits 7-1 and 7-2 from
Section 7 of SODIV-TG-1003.


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