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occupants range of activities during a 24 hour
occupants particular needs and acceptable level
day, 7 day week period to determine the
of fire risk as avenues of egress and fire rated
required life safety needs of the occupant. It is
separations are all basic to the floor plan. It is
critical that all life safety questions be
essential that any answers about fire protection
answered early in the project as the floor plan
be reached as early as possible. Addressed items
is directly involved.
should include:
c. Mechanical Drawings: These drawings
a. Type of Construction: Clearly identify and
shall include the locations of any required fire
describe the type of construction to be used as
or smoke dampers. The sprinkler riser shall be
defined by the Uniform Building Code
located on the plans but the layout of the
detailing the maximum fire area and separation
overhead sprinkler piping is not shown. Any
of structures. Occupant loading and exiting
areas to be protected by sprinklers, CO2 or
calculations conforming to the NFPA 101
other automatic extinguishing system shall be
(Life Safety Code) shall be submitted.
clearly identified.
b.Fire Extinguishing System: Identify the
d.Electrical Drawings:
fire extinguishing system to be provided
detailing design parameters and area to be
1) The electrical site plan should show the
protected listing criteria references.  The
specific hazard to be protected (i.e. light
location of new exterior fire alarm reporting
ordinary, extra, etc.) must be clearly outlined
stations and the point of connection of new
in addition to the density provided over the
equipment to the base fire alarm system.
desired operating area. Calculations showing
2) The electrical floor plan should show all
that water flow is adequate to meet sprinkler
demands are required which necessitates a field
fire alarm and detection devices.  If an
survey by the A/E to determine actual water
electrically controlled suppression system is
supply data. Design shall be in accordance
utilized, a separate floor plan showing these
with Mil-Handbook 1008-B and NFPA criteria
devices shall be utilized. Included shall be all
as appropriate.
manual pull stations, automatic detectors,
control panels, and audible alarms.  The
c. Fire Alarm and Detection Systems:
location of exit lights and emergency lights
Clearly describe fire alarm and/or fire detection
shall be shown.
system to be provided.  List all actuating
3) A fire alarm riser diagram shall be
devices and functions the system will perform
including a sequence of operations.  Any
shown which includes all fire alarm
existing fire alarm equipment must be
equipment and interconnections.  Indicate
identified with special emphasis on the base
the source of power supply and connection
wide fire reporting system.
to base fire alarm system.
4) Fire suppression system riser diagram
2.2.3  Calculations:  Provide water supply
shall be shown which includes all devices.
data and calculations verifying the availability of
2.2.2  Basis of Design: Prior to the design of
water for sprinkler systems.
In addition
occupancy calculations are required in order to
any structure specific questions regarding fire
conform with NFPA 101, Life Safety Code.
protection must be raised in order to address the


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