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April 1997
Long Range Plan; etc.  The RAMP is
recommendation on the contracting strategy
prepared at the project air base/major
including milestones and assumptions.
command level and will be provided to the
Add the following supplemental information
A/E by the PM.
to Part U, "Safety Hazards Analysis",
Add the following supplemental information to
Paragraph 3.3, "35 Percent Submittal":
the requirements of Paragraph G, "Site
Since there is no 35% Submittal for Air
Force projects, resolutions (elimination or
control) for each hazard identified in the
Hazards Analysis must be provided in a
ensure compliance of the site adaptation with
"Basis of Design" interim submittal prior to
major command and base architectural
the 90% Submittal.
guidelines.  In the report which identifies
design changes required to comply with
Add the following supplemental information to
criteria revisions that have occurred since the
Part X, "Specifications":
original design, the A/E shall include changes
required as a result of Air Force criteria
As part of the
required edit of guide specifications, the A/E
shall incorporate all pertinent Air Force
Replace Part R, "Not Used", with the
Add the following:
MENTATION: The PD documentation
FERENCE: The A/E will be required to
is produced by the A/E as part of the PD
participate in a Pre-Project Definition
process for Air Force projects. The PD
Conference at the project location to discuss
documentation documents the project
and clarify the scope of this project. During
scope, budget, and design solution for
this site visit, the A/E will be given any
approval by Congress and must be based
available Government furnished information
upon a complete PD design analysis and
and provided the opportunity to ask any
developed design concepts.  The main
questions regarding the design services.
elements of the PD documentation are the
DD Form 1391, budget estimate summary
As a minimum, the Pre-Project Definition
sheet, project sketches, basis of design,
Conference will include the following
and Parametric Cost Estimate (PCE). The
PCE shall include a Summary Sheet
a. Refine project scope and workplan.
(indicating authorized scope, designed scope,
b. Schedule the field trip interviews.
authorized  construction  cost,  designed
c. Interview designated user groups and
construction cost, percentage over/under
authorized cost, construction cost to 5-foot
key decision makers to establish
line, and construction cost outside 5-foot
project goals and direction
d. Arrange the work session logistics.
line), and AF Forms 1178, 1178A, and
The  A/E  shall  provide  a


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