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This A-E Guide including Attachments, by reference in the negotiated "Statement of
Architect-Engineer Services (Attachment A to the Contract)", forms part of the
Architect-Engineer (A-E) contract. The A-E Guide provides policies, procedures and
instructions applicable to A-E firms performing design and other Architectural-Engineering
services under contracts awarded by the Department of the Navy, Southwest Division
(SWDIV), Naval Facilities Engineering Command. The "Statement of Architect-Engineer
Services" will indicate the specific required services.
a. Activity: Marine Corps Base (MCB), Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS),
Shipyard, Naval Station, Depot, Training Center, Field, Station or Center.
b. (ACE): Activity Civil Engineer
c. (ALnO): Activity Liaison Officer: Acting as the single point of contact with the
ACE. Monitors the business relationship between the client and NAFVAC,
focusing on continual improvements, early detection of issues, and opportunities for
new business.
d. Alternate Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (ACOTR): The person
appointed in writing by the Procurement Contracting Officer (PCO). The appointed
ACOTR is the alternate, or backup, when the Contracting Officer's Technical
Representative (COTR) is unavailable.
e. Area Focus Team: (Sometimes referred to as Activity Focus Team) The
component department or team within the Command with the technical
responsibility for the accomplishment of design programs.
f. Assistant Resident Officer in Charge of Construction (AROICC): A naval officer
who is responsible to the ROICC for the administration and surveillance of
construction contracts at an activity.
g. Contracting Officer (CO): The prime point of contact within the Government on all
contractual matters for the A-E. The Contracting Officer is the only Government
official empowered to authorize changes to the contract.
h. Change Order Requests (COR): Documents prepared when it becomes
necessary to change/modify/alter the plans and/or specifications during the
construction period.


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