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u. Parametric Cost Estimate (PCE): The process designed to develop Military
Construction (MILCON) projects to a point where they can be properly defined and
estimated for the Military and Congressional programming, approval, and
appropriation process.
v. Primary Facility: The building(s), structure(s) or system(s) designated as the
major quantitative unit of measure of the facilities, including appurtenances and
utility lines to a point five feet beyond the perimeter of the building.
w. Procedure I: A-E contracts administered by the Command.
x. Procedure II: A-E contracts awarded by the Command and administered by the
Command OIC or the designated ROIC.
y. Project Architect (PA): Same as Project Leader. (See definition below).
z. Project Documentation: Engineering and Cost documentation used in support of
military construction projects during the budget review process.
aa. Project Engineer: Same as Project Leader. (See definition below).
ab. Project Leader (PL): The Command designated point of contact and
communication on day-to-day technical and AE performance matters associated
with the administration of the A-E contract. The PL is responsible for project scope
and budget. This position was formerly called the (DM) Design Manager or Project
Manager (PM). Sometimes, we refer to the PL as Project Architect (PA) or Project
Engineer (PE).
ac. (SCE): Staff Civil Engineer for a specific military installation.
ad. Resident Officer in Charge (ROIC): Designated by the OIC to administer A-E
and other types of contracts, not involving construction at a specific station or
activity, usually the activity Public Works Officer.
ae. Resident Officer in Charge of Construction (ROICC): Designated by the OICC
to administer and provide surveillance/inspection for construction contracts at a
specific station or activity.
af. Resident Project Design Engineer (RPDE): The architect or engineer at a field
activity designated by the ROIC to administer a specific A-E contract under
Procedure II.


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