Quantcast Naval Facilities Engineering Command Design Awards Program

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SERVICES" (Attachment A to the contract) which delineates the general extent of
the A-E's services and the special requirements of a given project.
ah. Southwest Division (SWDIV): This terminology includes:
1. Engineering Field Division (EFD) Southwest - San Diego, CA
2. Engineering Field Activity (EFA) Northwest - Poulsbo, WA
3. Engineering Field Activity (EFA) West - San Bruno, CA
ai. Special Project: Defined by OPNAVINST 11010.20F. The terminology used by
the Navy for O&M,N funded projects, as differentiated from MCON. Primarily for
minor construction and for repair and maintenance of real property.
aj. Station, or User Activity: The Station or Activity responsible for operating the
completed facility.
ak. Supporting Facilities: The utilities, paved areas and site development within
the project limits, but beyond five feet (1,500 mm) outside of the building perimeter,
which are required to support a complete and usable primary facility. Special
foundations, i.e., pilings, engineered fill, unusually high-cost construction features
and demolition may also be included in supporting facilities.
The A-E is invited, at their own option and expense, to attend Pre-negotiation meetings
and conduct site visits to review and clarify the scope of work and to become acquainted
with the project site.
1.4.1 Naval Facilities Engineering Command Design Awards Program
a. NAVFACINST 506l.7. " Awards Programs for Design and Related Activities",
dated 6 January 1997. This instruction establishes NAVFAC policy for all of its
organizational elements, encouraging participation, as appropriate, in the NAVFAC
Design Awards Program, as well as in the design awards programs and competitions of
other agencies and organizations. The program is intended to recognize specific
achievements by NAVFAC personnel, and by Architects, Engineers, Planners and other
professionals accomplishing design work under contract for NAVFAC, which demon-
strates and promotes design excellence with respect to both the built and natural
b. Guidance provided is applicable to design endeavors, undertaken on behalf of any
customer by NAVFAC Headquarters, engineering field divisions (EFDs), engineering field


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