Quantcast Other Awards Programs Related to NAVFAC's Facilities Business

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activities (EFAs), public works centers (PWCs), other organizational elements of
NAVFAC, and contractors working under the direction of NAVFAC, that include the
following: (a) all design activities, including the design of the land, the design of facilities,
and the design of supporting physical infrastructure; (b) all design products, including
master plans, site development and land use plans, landscape development plans,
designs for new facilities, designs involving the reutilization of existing facilities, and
planning, engineering and design studies of all types; and (c) all design management
activities and products that develop, establish, implement or sustain design excellence,
including policies, programs, processes, and educational activities.
c. Design Awards Programs and Competitions of Other Agencies and Organizations.
Design awards programs and competitions are conducted by a wide variety of other
federal agencies, professional societies, industry organizations, individual manufacturers
of building products, publications, and other entities. NAVFAC, as well as its design
contractors, are often eligible to participate in these programs and competitions. Normally,
entry into these programs and competitions can occur without any involvement of NAVFAC
Headquarters or other higher echelon offices. Where assistance or coordination is
needed, however, it will be provided through the Office of the Associate Director for
Design, Code 15D at NAVFAC Headquarters
Other Awards Programs Related to NAVFAC's Facilities Business.
a. NAVFAC's recognition of contractors for performance in excess of contract
requirements has long been a part of the NAVFAC Industrial Incentive Plan (IIP) for
Contractors. This recognition is based upon one or more of the following: (a) a better
product; (b) speed of accomplishment; (c) significant savings to the government; or (d)
cooperation beyond the terms of the contract. Under the NAVFAC IIP procedures, two
types of awards are possible: (a) the "Certificate of Appreciation," awarded by the
Commander/Commanding Officer of a field activity; and (b) the "Commander's Certificate
of Commendation," awarded by the Commander of NAVFAC. These awards are available
for any contracting initiative, not just for those associated with facilities. The criteria for
their issuance does not focus on the aesthetic quality or functional aspects of a completed
facility, but, instead, focus on excellence in the contracting process itself.
b. Specifications Awards. The NAVFAC Specifications Award Program was
implemented to recognize and reward achievement of NAVFAC staff and Architect-
Engineer contractors for construction specifications of superior quality. Details regarding
participation are available from Code 151 at NAVFAC Headquarters. This is a follow-on
program to the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Specifications Competition.
Entries into the CSI competition are automatically considered for the NAVFAC program.
1.5.1 A-E Performance Evaluation


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