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CONTRACTOR (APR 1984)" and to the NAVFAC clauses 5252.236- (9300 through
9310), pertaining to the A-E Contract Clauses.
2.2.4 A-E Quality Assurance
The heart of quality assurance is a formalized Total Quality Management program. The A-
E shall maintain written quality control procedures and shall follow those procedures to the
extent that, in the A-E's professional judgement, the procedures are appropriate for the
projects' specific circumstances. The A-E shall also maintain a current set of procedures
in their office and shall make them available to the Navy for its' review, during normal
working hours.
The contractual obligation of the A-E to provide professional quality, technical accuracy,
and coordination of all designs, specifications and other services is extremely important
and has far reaching consequences. Ambiguity, omissions, and uncertainties on
construction contract drawings and in specifications generally result in higher bids and
increased numbers of field change orders. Liability for A-E design errors and omissions
will be pursued. The A-E is expected to conduct his/her own independent and thorough
review of all plans and specifications and other required data prepared by the A-E prior to
any scheduled submittal to, or review by, SWDIV. This independent Quality Assurance
review shall be for the purpose of eliminating errors, interferences, and inconsistencies
between all design disciplines, inconsistencies between drawings and specifications, and
for the incorporation of criteria, review comments and guide specifications, as appropriate.
2.2.5 Command Review
The Command does not provide detailed checking and/or coordination services.
A-E submittals will be reviewed by the Command only to the extent necessary to establish
conformance with the authorized statement of A-E services and applicable Navy design
criteria, and to establish reasonable assurance that work can be completed within funds
authorized. The A-E shall accept full responsibility for the technical accuracy and
professional quality of all work and material which are furnished under a contract with the
The A-E shall designate an individual who will be directly responsible for the contract. The
Command will assign a Project Leader (PL)/Project Architect (PA)/Project Engineer (PE)
and a Contract Specialist (CS), and will identify an Activity Civil Engineer (ACE).
Technical liaison between the A-E and the Command will be through the Project Leader
(PL). Contractual liaison shall be through the Contract Specialist (CS).


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