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project location and the A-E contract number. When submittals or similar bulky items are
forwarded under separate cover, a copy of the forwarding letter or any related
correspondence shall be included in the package.
The A-E shall not release any information pertinent to a project under design or
construction to any publication, in any public speeches, or in any other manner without first
obtaining clearance and a release in writing from the Command. All material for which
clearance is desired shall be submitted in duplicate. During the bidding period, all
requests made to the A-E by prospective bidders for clarification or intent of drawings and
specifications and all questions relative to bidding forms, bonds and contract forms shall
be referred to the Command telephone number contained in the "PRE-BID SITE
VISITATION" paragraph of the specification documents. The A-E shall provide no
information to bidders.
All available documentary information at the Command relative to existing conditions at the
site of the construction will be made available to the A-E by the PL. Site information not
available at the Command should be obtained by the A-E from the cognizant activity Public
Works Office or Public Works Center. It shall be the A-E's responsibility to
thoroughly research and verify all available information and data relative to site
conditions so that unexpected interferences will not occur during the construction
of the facility. Single copies of all pertinent and available Command drawings may be
ordered from Plan Files and Technical Records through the PL at no cost.
2.12.1 A-E Verification.
It is the A-E's responsibility to evaluate and to verify all information obtained from existing
drawings even if marked "As-Built" or "Record Drawing" and to make visual inspections
and field measurements as necessary to properly prepare construction drawings.
2.13.1 Bid Inquiries.
Bid inquiries, in the form of Requests for Information (RFIs), that relate to possible error,
omission, or ambiguity in the bid documents will be provided by the PL to the A-E for
resolution. The A-E is required to provide a prompt and clear response to all such
inquiries. When response to such inquiries generates a need for a formal amendment to
the bid documents, the A-E is to prepare the amendment and associated cost estimates in
accordance with Chapters 8 and 9 of this AE Guide. The A-E is not to discuss bid
inquiries with other than designated Command personnel.


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