Quantcast Communications During Construction

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2.13.2 COR.
After award of the construction contract, inquires that relate to possible error, omission, or
ambiguity in the bid documents may be provided to the A-E for resolution and possible
field changes. The A-E may be required to prepare formal Change Order Request (COR)
package(s) to be used by the ROICC in effecting a unilateral or bilateral modification to the
construction contract. The A-E is to prepare the COR package and associated cost
estimate in accordance with Chapters 8 and 9 of this AE Guide.
Throughout the construction period, the A-E shall communicate with the PL and ROICC on
technical issues. There shall be no direct communication between the A-E and the
Construction Contractor except in those specific instances when the Command may
authorize such communication to facilitate the solution of a construction problem.


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