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Engineering Services (ES), including studies, investigations, surveys and reports, each
requiring a wide range of specialized engineering expertise, may be required by the
Statement of Architect-Engineer Services.
3.1.1 A-E Proposed ES
If an engineering service is not required by the Statement of A-E Services and is later
determined to be necessary by the A-E, the A-E shall submit to the assigned contract
specialist a statement describing the additional work.
3.1.2 Field Surveys
Survey parties and other A-E field representatives shall report to the activity Public Works
Officer or the designated representative immediately prior to commencing a field survey.
The A-E shall obtain all necessary field data and make site investigations and studies,
incidental to the proper accomplishment of the work required under the contract. All
information of record relative to existing conditions at the site of construction shall be
verified by on-site investigation. The A-E shall investigate all existing systems including
utilities (e.g., water, gas, electrical, storm and sanitary sewer, steam, fire alarm, etc.) and
existing site conditions (i.e., Historical and Archeological Resources) which may be
impacted by the proposed new construction. The A-E shall address and include is his
design new loads to be imposed by the contract project and the interface of the new
requirements with existing systems. The findings and conclusions of all pertinent
investigations shall be included in the design calculations. The A-E shall be responsible for
design of improvements at and contiguous to the project site to remedy minor deficiencies
in existing systems that affect the new work. The A-E's responsibility is limited to the
nearest points of connection to the existing utility mains or primary services. The A-E shall
promptly notify the Contracting Officer if additional utility studies or special field tests are
considered necessary to assure firm and sound engineering conclusions as a basis of
Information regarding project Biological resources, Historical Resources, and
Archeological Issues should have been prepared and made available from the Natural and
Cultural Resources staff. The A-E shall obtain such information from the PL.


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