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3.3.1 Natural Resources
Deals with endangered and threatened species, soil and water conservation, soil
erosion, and habitat management.
3.3.2 Cultural Resources
Deals with historic buildings and structures, archeological sites, historic
landscapes, sacred sites, traditional/cultural sites, Native American religious sites,
3.3.3 Mitigation
Mitigation is a requirement established by a Biological Opinion and/or the National
Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) process for Natural Resources, resulting in an
EA or an EIS . Mitigation measures may effect project design and construction.
There may also be a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) or Programmatic
Agreement (PA) for Cultural Resources, establishing mitigation measures that must
be included in the project design and construction. These documents establish
requirements that must be accomplished as part of the mitigation for the
development of a particular construction site. Compliance with the mitigation
requirements make it possible for the project to proceed.
During design on Historic Buildings and Structures, the A-E will be required to follow
the Department Of Interior's Standards of Rehabilitation and Illustrated Guide Lines
for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings and the MOA or PA in consultation with the
Cultural Resources staff at Southwest Division.
3.3.4 Environmental Documentation (ED)
The A-E shall request all information on Environmental Documents (ED) from the
project leader prior to the submittal of the fee proposal and prior to the start of
design. If the ED requires mitigation of any sort, the A-E shall incorporate those
requirements into the design documents.
The A-E shall:
a. Make all field surveys required for design and development.
b. Contact the Command to obtain survey control information before beginning any
survey work.


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