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This service includes the sounding of waterways or borrow areas either with an electronic
echo sounder or with a lead line. It may also include the plotting of the soundings and the
computations of quantities.
NAVFAC Design Manuals DM-5 and MIL-HDBK-1005 series, DM-7.01, DM 7.02, DM
7.03, MIL-HDBK-1021 and the DM-21 series apply. The A-E shall be responsible for the
comprehensive research, investigation, and data collection on all soil and subsurface
foundation conditions relative to the project site, for the evaluation of such data and for the
formulation of recommendations required for complete project design development.
Subsurface investigations shall include, but shall not necessarily be limited to, the obtaining
of borings and samples, thorough visual inspection, laboratory testing and the
documentation of these investigations by written report.
a. When soil borings are necessary, the borings should be within the foot prints of
structures, utility corridors and pavements. The number of borings and their depth
shall be sufficient to obtain data for selection of foundation systems, paving, utilities
and other supporting facilities. The A-E will perform sufficient research and/or pre-
boring field investigation to avoid damaging buried utilities during subsurface
b. The A-E shall be alert for any evidence of possible chemical contamination on
the site and shall, at a minimum, conduct field evaluation of each boring sample with
equipment capable of detecting petroleum product contamination.
c. If conditions are discovered, which will require more investigative effort than that
which was anticipated at the time of contract negotiation, it shall be the A-E's
responsibility to immediately notify the Contracting Officer. The A-E shall under
those circumstances recommend in writing any recommended additional sampling,
testing or studies that may be required to ensure the adequacy of the site and
foundation data obtained for the project design.
d. After completion of borings, holes shall be backfilled and ground surfaces,
including pavements, restored to the original condition, unless more stringent local
codes or conditions dictate that monitoring of water levels or water quality may be
required. Determination of requirements for groundwater monitoring well
requirements shall be made by appropriate components within Southwest Division
through the PL.
3.5.1 Soil Testing And Earthwork Standards
Soil testing shall include basic physical properties tests to fully characterize all major soil
units as well as design parameter tests appropriate for alternative foundation systems and
all supporting facilities. All soil testing shall be conducted in accordance with standard


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