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The Cost Certification for all military construction (MCON) projects will be the Parametric
Cost Estimate (PCE). The PCE does involve upfront design effort since it is the intent of
the PCE to produce a budget estimate that allows final design funds authorization for all
MCON projects so they can proceed straight through design from zero percent to 100% or
final cost documentation for either design build (DB) or invitation for bids (IFB) contracting
methods. The PCE will be due in March every year which will result in the budget
information being delivered in time for the critical phase of the MCON budget cycle. For
complex projects such as medical facilities, treatment plants, or environmentally sensitive
projects, early starts will be authorized to complete technical studies or environmental
documentation. While there will be periodic reviews in the process, there won't be the long
delays that were experienced previously between the 15% completion and the final design
start. Many A-E's had complained about this hiatus, which has now been largely
eliminated. The PCE shall be prepared by the Cost Engineering and Value Engineering
Indefinite Quantity (CE\VEIQ) A-E Contract or In-House. When the design A-E is involved
in the PCE, Southwest Division will provide training to the A-E on using the new cost model
software that produces the parametric estimate. The A-E scope of work will delineate the
degree of A-E involvement in the PCE and will provide special details required as outlined
in the CE\VEIQ A-E contract for MCON projects.
Prepare the following (for MILCON Projects only) as outlined in the CE\VEIQ A-E contract.
a. Form DD 1391 Plus and DD 1391C.
b. Primary M cost development sheet and description of high cost/unusual
c. Executive Summary of Project Design and Construction.
d. Budget Estimate Summary Sheet (BESS) and Parametric Cost Estimate (PCE)
e. Project Special Considerations.
f. Project Design and Construction Data.
g. Sketches of Vicinity Map, Site Plan, Floor Plans, Building Elevations, and
Building Cross Sections.
h. Land Acquisition Data (Where Applicable).
a. An Architectural Review Board (ARB) reviews projects to ensure that
architectural aesthetics, functionality, compatibility, and character are maintained at
the customer activities in compliance with the Activity's Master Plan and Base


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