Quantcast Architectural Review Board (ARB) -Cont.

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Exterior Architectural Plans (BEAP), and that the project is within the cost limitations
of the program. The ARB shall be the focal point for aesthetic review for projects.
Provisions for the physically disabled will also be reviewed by the ARB.
b. The review at the schematic/preliminary stage is the means by which the Navy
can assure itself of development that is efficient, cost effective and reasonably in
harmony with the character and quality of desirable environment. The intent is to
provide design guidance in those areas not covered by building codes and design
directives. It consists of review by qualified professionals to assure conformance
with certain considerations of design that the Navy establishes and administers.
c. The Architectural Review Board (ARB) is to ascertain that the end products of the
design will satisfy the following overall goals:
1. The building is sited properly to provide harmonious, effective vehicular
as well as pedestrian traffic.
2. The building is sited to take advantage of the existing utilities to provide
cost-effective construction of the project.
3. The site planning, including landscape design, is in conformance with the
Master Plan and BEAP for the Activity.
4. The Fire Protection System will be addressed to ensure that the Fire
Protection Engineer from the Southwest Division Area Focus Team has
been involved prior to the ARB presentation.
5. The building design, as well as supporting mechanical and electrical
systems, shall be cost effective, well planned, clean in appearance and
simple in form.
6. The overall architectural design must be appropriate and responsive to
the Naval Facilities Engineering Command policy of providing facilities that
are durable in character, timeless, and not trendy in appearance. Stylistic or
passing fashion design features and monumental structures are to be
d. The initial ARB review will take place at the schematic design submittal stage.
The PL will require that the A-E to submit design status drawings, basis of design
and cost estimates at or near 15% design completion for review and approval by
the ARB.
e. Documents required for the ARB submittal will meet at a minimum, the following


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