Quantcast Value Engineering Policy and Guidance

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1. A color presentation using felt tip markers, or prisma color pencils on
blackline, blueline or brownline print. (Site Plan, and Building Elevations)
2. Site plan showing building footprint on contoured base map. Indicate
all utility lines, access roads, paved areas, vehicular and pedestrian
circulation paths, and existing adjacent structures.
3. List of all rooms and spaces required for the facility. Indicate net
square foot/meter area for each room/space. Indicate total gross square
foot/meters area of the facility as proposed by the design.
4. Provide scaled floor plan(s) drawings. Label all rooms/spaces, show
all major dimensions. Include footprint of major equipment and furniture
required in each space. Indicate Mechanical/room/equipment yard
proposed for the facility. Indicate schematic duct work if applicable.
5. Provide scaled building sections. Show floor to floor, floor to roof,
and ceiling heights. Indicate materials and construction for floor, exterior
walls and roof. Indicate duct space for HVAC system if such systems are
proposed for the facility. Indicate major electrical installations when such
installations are proposed for the facility.
6. Provide scaled building elevations and indicate materials, finishes,
texture and color number as referenced in the BEAP.
7. Indicate Structural, Mechanical and Electrical layout to illustrate the
facility design.
8. Provide a collateral equipment list to support the design, and coordinate
furniture footprint with the floor plan(s), and associated cost.
9. Cost estimate ($/SF or $/SM). (See Chapter 9 for requirements.)
10. Code Criteria Search. (See Attachment C.)
f. Disabled accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act
Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), and the Uniform Federal Accessibility
Standards (UFAS) are to be met in providing access for people with disabilities in
buildings and facilities and facilities designed, constructed, altered, leased or
funded by the Department of Defense.
3.9.1. Introduction


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