Quantcast Comprehensive Interior Services for Furniture and Furnishings Procurement

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sq. m.) and less gross area may be analyzed using the Simplified Multiple-Measure
Methods described in Chapter 28, "Energy Estimating Methods" of the ASHRAE,
Handbook of Fundamentals.
c. The Design Energy Budget (DEB) for new construction and/or major renovation
projects shall comply with the Design Energy Target (DET) and Energy
Conservation Criteria provided in Chapter 8 (latest revision) of the MIL-HDBK-
1190. In addition, designs shall comply with NAVFAC Letter 11100/15C/PNB ,
dated 5 June 1995, Design Energy Target Reduction, Interim Technical Guidance.
d. The life cycle cost analysis shall be performed using a Life Cycle Cost In Design
(LCCID) computer program or a program determined to be equivalent.
e. The least complex alternative that met the DET at lowest life cycle cost will be
incorporated into the design.
DM 14.01 applies. Provide the following:
a. Furniture placement plans.
b. Color selection and coordination of furniture and furnishings.
c. Furniture and furnishings procurement list including cost estimate for each line
item. The list shall include, as a minimum, a cost summary sheet, catalog cuts,
supplier summary list and specifications for each item. The furniture and furnishings
specifications shall include stock/model numbers, item descriptions, quantities,
prices, color, finish of fabrics for each item.
d. Rendering and other presentation materials as may be required to realistically
represent the design concept and color scheme for the interior.
e. Interior signage and directional plan(s) and specifications.
f. Revisions to the furniture and furnishings procurement list whenever an item
specified is no longer available.
g. Supervision of the installation and placement of furniture and furnishings.
h. Professional photographs of completed interiors.
3.12.1 Schedule of Submittals for Comprehensive Interior Services


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