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California, for solid waste disposal. The intent of the assessment is to perform an
economic analysis of the potential to divert C&D debris from the landfill. The assessment
shall estimate the amount of C&D debris in tons by commodity for the project. The A-E
shall evaluate the amount of C&D debris for each commodity type that can be economically
diverted from the landfill using the best technology available based on current disposal and
diversion costs. The A-E shall then determine remaining amount of the C&D debris in tons
that cannot be economically diverted. The A-E shall insert that estimate into paragraph
3.4.1 of Specification Section NFGS-SW-01576 of 01 February 1999. The A-E shall use
the same commodity types as shown in the Construction & Demolition Debris Diversion
Summary exhibit in the specifications.
3.19.1 Facility Changes
Asbestos has been used in over 5000 products associated with building materials.
Facilities undergoing changes such as demolition, renovation, repair, retrofit, and/or
rehabilitation potentially involve disturbance of asbestos in the following circumstances:
a. Construction involving drywall demolition
b. Spray applied acoustical ceiling material
c. Work involving decorative paints and walls
d. Roof repair and/or demolition
e. Boiler and lagged hot water lines
f. Floor tiles and adhesive tiles
g. Linoleum removal
h. Wall insulation
i. Plaster & Stucco
j. Spackles
k. Caulking putty, millboard and cement insulation
l. Paints and coating


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