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3.21.1 Design Compliance
The A-E shall design the project to comply with all applicable Federal, State, Local and
Intergovernmental Environmental Protection Standards governing air quality, water quality,
solid waste and hazardous waste. The A-E shall design the facility to comply with the most
stringent applicable standards.
3.21.2 Permit Application Submittal
The project may require that the government secure permits for pollution control,
construction, operation, etc. As required, investigate the need for, report on, develop the
required data and design information, and obtain and submit completed draft and final
permit applications with supporting documentation to SOUTHWESTDIV. Coordinate all
contact with any applicable federal, state, and local regulatory agency through
SOUTHWESTDIV. SOUTHWESTDIV will be responsible for submission of the
application(s) for the final permit(s) where applicable.
3.21.3 Permit Requirements Report
Project Review, Environmental Permit Checklist, see Attachment D-1, Equipment
Requiring Permits (known), see Attachment D-2.
Prepare a Permit Requirements Report which includes the following:
a. Project Review Environmental Permit Checklist, Attachment D.
b. Permitting authority (EPA, COE, state, local, etc.).
c. Type of permit required (construction, operation, discharge, use, dump, dredge,
fill, haul, etc.).
d. Who is responsible for submitting the permit application.
e. Procedure and time necessary to complete permit application and obtain permit.
f. Permit fees required.
g. Statement that the project is covered by variances or that the permit is not
required. If a variance is required, describe the procedures on how it will be
obtained. If a permit is not required, furnish reasons and supporting justification
(cite state and local regulations).


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