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This presentation shall be conducted by the A-E design team to orient ROICC personnel
who will administer the construction contract. The presentation shall be made at a place
and time established by the ROICC office. The presentation shall include a general
description of the project, and shall flag critical, unique or special construction features or
details. The presentation shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:
a. Outline the project scope of work. Discuss the project construction schedule and
all phasing requirements.
b. Explanation of the structural concept, materials, or unusual construction features.
Outline critical structural elements, tolerances, special anchors, pile foundations,
testing requirements, joint seals, etc.
c. Outline of specified testing requirements, i.e., pile loading, field tests, etc. Where
tests specified are unusual or non-standard, give more detail. Review Log of
Submittals and CQC Testing Plan.
d. Brief description of mechanical, electrical, utility designs and unusual features
such as high pressures, temperatures, capacities, etc.
e. Discussion of critical areas where 100 percent inspection is required (i.e.,
subgrade preparation, forms/rebar alignment prior to concrete placement, critical
structural connections, A/C or HVAC pre-check out requirements, special finish
"sample panels" etc.).
f. Discussion of critical shop drawing requirements.
g. Discussion of requirements for supervision of installations by the manufacturer.
h. Explanation of requirements for operating and maintenance manuals.
i. Outline of the long lead procurement items and Government furnished equipment
and the impact that these items may have on the timely completion or coordination
of the project.
j. Explanation of customer operational requirements (i.e., utility outage periods,
aircraft runway closures, phasing of work in certain buildings, areas etc.). Refer to
the specified requirement.
k. Discussion on permit requirements.
l. Outline of hazardous materials and safety precautions (i.e., asbestos, beryllium,
lead paint removal, mercury, toxic substances).


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