Quantcast Chapter 4. Construction Contract Support Services

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The A-E shall be available for office consultation necessary to clarify the intent and
interpretation of the plans and specifications, to provide advice on questions that may arise
in connection with the construction project and to provide consultation for proposed
changes to the construction contract. These services are to be provided to the Resident
Officer in Charge of Construction (ROICC) or their representatives and not to the
construction contractor. The A-E shall provide a copy of all correspondence between the
ROICC and the A-E concerning these services to the PL within three (3) days of receiving
or sending such correspondence. All correspondence concerning the construction contract
shall bear the construction contract number.
The A-E shall be responsible for reviewing a percentage of the construction contractor
submittals as stipulated in the Statement of A-E Services. The specific submittals that will
be reviewed will be selected during the design phase of the contract. The A-E will submit a
recommended list of submittals to the PL for approval with the 100% design submittal. The
percentage of submittals for government (A-E) review will be assumed to be 20 percent if it
is not stipulated in the Statement of A-E Services. Where the Statement of A-E Services
establishes a submittal percentage limitation for A-E review, the A-E shall review shop
drawings and material samples that are sufficiently critical or complex or are aesthetically
significant. This review shall insure that the submittal is in compliance with the plans and
specifications of the contract. Additional submittals may be identified for review to assist
the ROICC in monitoring the construction contractor's quality control. The total number of
submittals for review should not exceed the percentage limitation without a contract
modification. The remaining submittals will be provided to the A-E for information only and
will not require review. Within ten (10) working days after receipt by the A-E, the A-E shall
return annotated copies of the submittal with recommendations for approval or non-
approval based on compliance with the plans and specifications of the contract. The A-E
shall retain one copy for their files and one copy for their consultant. The Fire Protection
submittals shall only be reviewed for coordination with the other disciplines and for
aesthetics. Refer to paragraph titled "OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE SUPPORT
INFORMATION (OMSI) REQUIREMENTS" and NFGS 01730 for additional requirements.
4.2.1 Stamped Notation
The submittal shall be reviewed for compliance with the construction contract requirements
and the following stamped notation shall appear on the face of the submittal if space
permits. If space does not permit, the stamp may be on the back side of the submittal. On
shop drawings, the stamp shall be near the title block or on the reverse side near the title
block corner. In using the stamp, the A-E's signature signifies a recommended action. The
A-E's signature should be that of a registered architect or registered engineer as


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