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include the Basis of Design, Life Safety implications, and may include medical
b. Operation and Maintenance Manual: Operation and maintenance information
such as the operating information noted above plus normal operating temperatures
and pressures, emergency instructions, preventive maintenance plan,
troubleshooting guide, maintenance guide, and maintenance and repair
procedures. The A-E Statement of Services will indicate the systems to be
addressed in the Operation and Maintenance Manual. Depending on size and
complexity, systems such as the following may be required to be included:
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
Direct Digital Controls
Fire Protection
Central Refrigeration
Central Compressed Air
Fuel Oil Handling and Distribution
Medical Gases
Laboratory Gases
Food Services Equipment
Commercial Intrusion Detection
Emergency Power
Airfield Lighting
Weight Handling, Elevators, and Conveyors
4.3.2 OMSI Types
The level of OMSI will vary with the type of facility or complexity of systems. The type of
OMSI required for each project will be noted in the A-E Statement of Services. OMSI
packages are identified as the following types:
Type A: Includes the Operation and Maintenance Manual, the User Manual, and
Record Drawings. See Attachment E.
Type B: Not Used.
Type C: Consists of the User Manual and the Record Drawings. See Attachment E
The A-E shall prepare the Record Drawings from the construction contractor marked up
construction drawings that show As-Built conditions.


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